#secretplace by Yulia Krivich 


Disappointment by Penny Wong. on Flickr.


(by Aimee Barker)


You could hear your name called vaguely from somewhere in the house, so you walked downstairs. Your first instinct is not to go to the front door but to the closet. There comes a faint sound from behind the door and you opened it, but because of the shadows you couldn’t see much more than a few feet in. It was so cold in the closet, and so dark, that it reminded you of a chasm buried beneath the sea, where nobody has been before. It feels like the void in the closet could be substantial. You’re about to close the door but you hear someone calling your name from inside those shadows somewhere. It’s a familiar voice to you, but you can’t place it. It’s always sounding familiar, never like a stranger, but you can’t place it. And it’s nothing out of the ordinary, just something you wish would go away.

Photography by Jaret Ferratusco.
Featuring Miss Elanious.

Thank you.


untitled by maryclaire roman on Flickr.
biggiesmallzzz by jb